Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beginning of the End, End of the Beginning...

Two new eras began on Wednesday.

Our youngest son entered his senior year at Franklin Community High School and our first grandson entered Kindergarten at Northwood Elementary.

So for Isaac, this is his final humiliating picture out in the yard, carrying the backpack. (See for yourself how excited he is!) However, for Austin, it's just the start!

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Gail said...


On August 13, I wrote this in my journal:

Today I wrote the check for school lunches, made sure his supplies were in the backpack, and then kissed my youngest son goodbye as he left for the first day of his senior year in high school. For 21 years I have gone through this late summer routine - buying new clothes and shoes, stocking up on pencils and paper and folders, going over the school calendar, getting in doctor and dentist appointments, straightening up bedrooms and washing clothes - all in anticipation of the first day of school.

Over the years, each new school year has brought me reminders of the same in my youth. I can feel and smell the sense of fall in the air. I love the textures and look of crisp white paper, sharp new pencils and a bag to organize it all. I've longer for the routine and order that "going back to school" gave me. A new start...that's what it always was for me.

Today is bittersweet and I find myself more emotional and introspective than I expected. Not only is this Isaac's last first day of school, but it is also Austin's first day of kindergarten. What a thought - one thing ends, another begins.

I guess that's how I'm thinking about my (our) life. I've always looked forward to this new phase when the children are raised and venturing out on their own. But I wonders what's in store for me, how I'll adjust, what rituals will give my life the form and routine and order it needs. Or will God ask me (us) to live day-to-day in a somewhat unpredictable fashion for the sake of The Kingdom?

We'll see - ask me next year at this time.