Monday, March 2, 2009


While in Chicago, we attended two classes in Biblical studies that were wonderfully stimulating to both mind and spirit.

The first, at North Park University, was taught by Dr. Boaz Johnson. Dr. Johnson is from New Delhi, India, and we have mutual friends in the Christian community there so we were anxious to meet him. He was teaching an introduction to the Bible class, and was dealing with the Book of Joshua. To set the stage for Joshua, he reviewed the Torah and the structure of the early prophetic books (Joshua through Kings). Dr. Johnson gave a breathtaking overview of the First Testament and its message. This is the kind of teaching I received in seminary, which put together so much for me in my understanding of Scripture. How wonderful to know that now college students have access to such rich insights.

The second Biblical class we attended was at Wheaton College, taught by John Walton. I have greatly benefited from Dr. Walton's commentary on Genesis, and was anxious to hear him teach. His lesson was on 1-2 Samuel. His instruction was winsome and insightful, aided by multimedia. Once again, the level of the teaching was extraordinary, the instruction profitable.

It was heartening to see the quality of Biblical instruction being taught at both of these fine evangelical schools.

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