Saturday, September 15, 2007

Joshua 1: Meditate on the Word

Joshua tells how God gave the gift of the land of Canaan to Israel. However, God also commanded them to be active participants in the process. To help them, he pointed them to another gift they had received—his word known as Torah (the Law, Deut 31.24-26).

God’s Word is key in any new beginning, because God always builds upon the foundation of his Word. As we see in today’s passage, the Bible is a word of:
  • Revelation, inviting us to enter into God’s life and mission
  • Possibility, opening up a new future before us
  • Tradition, linking us with the past as well as the future
  • Nourishment, calling us to chew on and digest it
  • Command, requiring us to order our lives by it
  • Sustenance, enabling us to face our challenges with courage

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