Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blogs update...

In the ebb and flow of blogging, I guess I'm flowing again.

I've added a blog called "Loving the Church, Questioning the Organization." I find myself with many others in our culture at the moment on the outside looking in when it comes to the organized or institutional church. The purpose of this blog is to capture insights from others who are standing with me out here, and to personally work through my own thoughts and feelings.

I will also be reviving my Genesis Studies, as I prepare to preach a series of messages on Genesis 1-11 for our church.

These texts have held a continual fascination for me since the days of seminary, when I studied Hebrew and OT under John Sailhamer. Much of what you will read here will reflect the approach (though not necessarily the details) he takes in his stimulating commentary on Genesis, his work on the Torah called The Pentateuch as Narrative, and in his specific study of Genesis 1-2, Genesis Unbound.

A word about the nature of this study...I am interested in the meaning of the text, not in its application to apologetics. Many modern studies of Genesis are undertaken in order to help Bible-believing people understand the relationship between Scripture and science. That is the realm of apologetics and it is not unimportant. However, it is secondary. My goal is different, and more foundational. I want to know what the text says and means in the context of the Bible, and what the author wanted his audience to gain from reading this text.

Hope someone finds encouragement through these efforts.

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