Friday, May 23, 2008

Updates on Genesis Blog...

Marc Chagall, "Creation" 1960

I have posted updates on the Genesis Studies blog, including edits of former posts as well as a couple of additions. If you are interested in this study, I encourage you to go back and read the early posts so that you can review the flow of my argument.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mercer,

Please forgive me, but I have a question on your taste of pictures. I personally find them offensive with their nudity, this one especially with the showing of genitals and breasts. I know that Adam and Eve had no clothes on in that day, the scriptures are specific on that fact. But to show this nudity, not in 1 picture, but in at least 2 if not more (I'm not sure) pictures, I find it distastful and the scriptures (Torah) are explicit also on this point of modesty. You refer to the Torah and I know that this would not be allowed within the Jewish community, at least not my community. What I'm asking, is that where your heart is? Please re-consider your choices more carefully, as this would be considered a sexual sin within you.

I'm not accusing, I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just trying to show you what may be wrongly presumed about you, which may have been done innocently and without thought as to it's content.

Thank you for at least listening,

Michael Mercer said...


I'm sorry you were offended. No offense was meant.

All I can say is that devout religious people take different views on what is and is not acceptable art. I would certainly never consider posting anything that was sexually explicit or designed to promote immorality.

Chagall himself was Jewish and devoted to capturing Biblical scenes with his art. In my view they are tasteful and modest, even though they include depictions of the human body.

I'm sorry you find them offensive and I pray you will accept my intent even if we disagree on the inclusion of such art.

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