Monday, September 8, 2008

MONDAY MUSINGS: Why One Person Left Church

Thanks again to the Internet Monk for introducing me to a fellow traveler in the "post-evangelical wilderness." Her name is Julie Neidlinger, and she blogs at

Awhile back she wrote a post called, "Why I Walked Out of Church," which has apparently created quite a stir. In it she writes...
I believe what I believe -- my Christian faith -- not because of tradition or because I was raised that way. Not because I want fire insurance or hell-avoidance. Not because I want to find a group or place to belong. I believe it on my own, I believe it to be real, I believe it to be important and valid, and I believe the way we have made Christianity out to be is completely wrong. And that's why I have such a hard time going to church as it is now done.
Inspired by her rage at reading a story on "NextGen Worship," Julie both rants and reflects on why so much of contemporary Christian practice, with its emphasis on "relevance," its "perpetual youth group culture," its segregation of ages and its "focus on the family," along with the attendant patronization of singles, is a huge turn-off for a growing number of thoughtful people.

I encourage you to read it, mull it over and see if you agree. If you feel like commenting, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Mike Rea said...

haven't had a chance to read her stuff by I will. this looks pretty thought provoking.

another note...listening to Knopfler...who da thunk?