Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TUESDAY TRAVELS: Violence against Christians in Orissa

Gail and I have had the privilege of taking several mission trips to India since 1996 to work with India YFC. These have been perspective-altering and life-changing experiences for us. Our first trips took us to the state of Orissa in eastern India.

Recently, disturbing and frightening reports have been emerging from Orissa about communal violence by radical Hindus against Christians. The BBC World Service reported on Aug. 26 that the killing of a prominent Hindu leader has been used as a pretext to attack the Christian community, to burn churches and Christian sites, and perpetrate violent acts against individuals and families who profess to follow Christ.

Yesterday's Hindu newspaper cited a protest by The Federation of Indian Christian Organisations in North America, calling what is happening as "ethnic cleansing by Hindu fundamentalist outfits." They claim that "Hundreds of Christian houses had been set afire and more than 60,000 Christians were hiding in forests without food and water. Also, the number of missing persons was rising..."

A blog has been created to update the world about the violence in Orissa, called, "Orissa Burning." Please be informed, pray, and act as you are able to seek peace in this situation.

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