Friday, January 2, 2009


Source: NY Times

Lost in the news stories about Israel's bombing of Hamas targets in Gaza is the fact that there are many minority groups caught in the crossfire. The Christian community in Gaza is one such group. There are about 3,000 Christians in Gaza, and they are unwelcome in either the Muslim majority of their own communities or in Israel. They are trapped in the midst of the violence, and we should pray for them.

For more information, read this Mission Network News piece, which quotes Carl Moeller of Open Doors...
"It's remarkable how much that the church is facing there," Moeller said. "And yet the Christians continue to pray; they continue to cry out to God; and when they can, reach out to their neighbors with comfort."
Let us continue to cry out to God for them.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. Palestinian Christians take it from both sides. The other Palestinians hate their guts because they're not Muslim, and the Israelis are hostile because they're Palestinians. And their treatment by American Christians (from total ignorance to prosletyzing to End Time Obsession) doesn't help.