Saturday, January 24, 2009

The "Right" Church?

Again I direct you to Michael Spencer's Internet Monk blog today for some wise pastoral theology and counsel.

Some of you might have the mistaken idea that the search we have been going through and writing about is a personal quest to find "the One True Church," or "THE Right Church" in contrast to all others who are deficient in doctrine or practice.

Listen up! There is no such place, and the compulsion to find it can drive you crazy.

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Daniel said...


Thanks for the post to imonk. This article struck me as exceptionally insightful. It was also freeing: while I don't have depression normally, I do tend to get depressed by the gap I see from where I want the church to be, compared to where it is. This never really affected me until I became the pastor, and assumed I had a large part of closing that gap. It IS depressing to see the promised land, yet lack the gifts to guide God's people there.