Monday, February 2, 2009


I have great respect for anyone who would put himself or herself in a position of prominent public service in our country. The scrutiny these folks are under is incredible. Everyone gets to watch, evaluate, and criticize their work. Each misstep is splashed all over the media for the public to see. Sure there are perks, but I simply could not imagine myself wanting to be that out front, that naked, that vulnerable. The limelight, the spotlight, the interrogation light--not my cup of tea.

Even so, with regard to those who choose this vocation, there is something I simply can't grasp. What's the deal with all these people in public positions not paying their taxes?

Is this a besetting sin for political leaders and other public servants? How can people whose job day in and day out not only depends upon taxes, but also deals with government and its fiscal programs all the time miss this? Is this like the evangelical pastor who never reads his Bible, the shoemaker who walks around with his soles flopping, the president of GM driving a Honda?

The Bible tells me, a humble Christian, that the bottom-line in being a good citizen in my society is paying my taxes (Romans 13.7). And I belong to another kingdom!

C'mon Mr. Geitner! C'mon Mr. Daschle! C'mon all of you who would have no patience with me failing to pay my fair share. Pay attention and pony up! For everyone's sake, can we please just get a few basics right?

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