Monday, October 6, 2008


Too many musings to limit myself to one post today. Check out:
  • Stephen Mansfield in USAToday on "The New Evangelicals." One observation regarding their political loyalties: "The new evangelical prays for all four nominees but commits unreservedly to none, choosing rather to speak of righteousness to each in the hopes of something more than a mere political victory in November."
  • Evangelicalism is overvalued because its politically useful. (If I read another email telling me Sarah Palin is Esther I’m going to put a drumstick through my eye.)
  • Evangelicalism is overvalued because it has too much music and too little Bible.
  • Evangelicalism is overvalued because it constantly claims evidence that God is working through it to change the world, but the evidence in those places dominated by evangelicalism isn’t very convincing.

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