Saturday, October 4, 2008


Plainfield 24, Franklin 13
Grizzly Cubs break scoring drought, but fail to stop Plainfield's strong running game. Franklin will look to get back on the winning track next Friday at Greenwood.

Franklin College 30, Defiance 14
Grizzlies bounce back after last week's loss at Trine. In this week's Heartland Conference opener, Franklin scored on its first two possessions and controlled the ball the rest of the way for the win. Next week FC returns home to face Bluffton for homecoming.

Dodgers 3, Cubs 1... Dodgers advance
Dismal. Embarrassing. Season over. Baseball is not a hard game. If you don't pitch, field and hit, you don't win. The Cubs didn't pitch in the first game, field in the second, or hit in any of the three. See ya next year.

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