Monday, October 20, 2008

MONDAY MUSINGS: Politics week on otium sanctum

I am just about the most non-political person I know. I avoid talking about the subject because whenever I do, I get in way over my head and that always leads to trouble. I don’t think in political terms, I detest what it often takes to be successful in politics, and I fear the temptations that politics bring to those that choose to participate. If you were to ask me where I stand on the political spectrum, I would have to say that my positions at times reflect a libertarian streak, sometimes I’m more conservative than a far right Republican, at other times I’m more liberal than a far left Democrat, and then often I hold non-participatory convictions reflecting the Anabaptist tradition. No party would have me, and to be honest, I probably wouldn't have them either.

With that out of the way, this is an important realm of life and Christ-followers cannot simply stick their heads in the sand. It's election season in the USA and so I will devote my blog this week to the subject of politics, particularly the Presidential race.

For your own musing today, I will direct you to the websites of two political action committees that recommend voting for a certain candidate based on their own evangelical Christian convictions.
  • Evangelicals for McCain. This PAC touts McCain's "common sense conservatism" and lists where McCain stands on such issues as the Ten Commandments, sanctity of life, fiscal responsibility in Washington, the Middle East, border security, and enviro-stewardship. Here you can find videos of McCain interviews on Christian networks like TBN.
  • Matthew 25 Network. Taking their name from the parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25, this PAC endorses Obama. Their mission is to endorse candidates that they think embody the values expressed in that parable: promoting life with dignity, caring for the least of these, strengthening and supporting families, stewardship of God’s Creation, working for peace and justice at home and abroad, and promoting the common good.
From what I can ascertain, both of these web sites offer good information and a positive spirit of advocacy for their candidates without veering into the excesses of negative, attack campaigning.

Think on these things.

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